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Lives change with the passage of time and encounter unique challenges and opportunities.  Adjusting well to these transitions is the key to preventing problems before "needing" mental health treatment.  Entering school then high school and college; Marriage and family issues; Jobs and career changes; Health Issues and Aging.  These are normal stressors, but can be further complicated when medical, emotional or psychiatric symptoms are present. 

Managing the complexities of life can be facilitated with a therapeutic relationship which is trustworthy and productive.

Growing On Network is a clinical psychology practice which serves children, adolescents, adults, families and seniors with quality, ethics and positive results. Its focus is on solutions instead of problems, on action instead of reaction.  Let's do it together!

Solutions need to be as individualized as possible. There is no "right way", "normal way", or "what other people do."  Understanding each person, each relationship and each unique situation guides all subsequent treatment.
Psychological factors. Biological factors.  Social-Interpersonal factors. Environmental factors.  What are the identified goals?  What changes are needed? What are the available resources? Who will participate? What stands in your way?   Most importantly, how do we get there from here?  The steps are simple-- understand the problem; brainstorm solutions; try one out and see how it works. Repeat as needed.

Grow on!

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We offer the following services:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral HealthCare
  • Child, Adolescent, Adult & Senior Services
  • Clinical Assessments & Psychotherapy
  • Couples, Marital & Family Therapy
  • Treatment for:
    • Mood Disorders
    • Behavioral Problems
    • Relationship Issues
    • Adjustment to Changes throughout the Lifespan
    • Dementia/Alzheimers
    • Disability & Rehab
    • Family Conflicts
    • Parenting
    • School Problems
    • Anger Management
    • Substance Abuse

Martin Goldstein, PhD

 Dr. Goldstein received his PhD from Arizona State University and has been in practice for over 35 years.  Dr. Goldstein has worked in and consulted with medical and psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, residential  and day treatment programs and child guidance centers.  He has been published in "Rehabilitation Psychology" and has been cited in a series of Chicago Tribune articles.  In utilizing the "psycho-bio-social" model of human functioning, multiple factiors are considered in full treatment planning.  His treatment orientation is "Cognitive-Behavioral" and he serves as an educator, facilitator, consultant and therapist for each client as needed.

Proud member of the following organizations:

National Register of Health Service Psychologists

Practice Affiliated with:

Sunrise Senior Living
Tabor Hills HealthCare


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Steve Meyers, LCSW
Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy 
Skokie, Arlington Heights, Lake Bluff, IL
Patricia Ryan, PhD

Gurnee, IL 

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